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•Tube Benders •Bar Benders •Scrollers & Twisters for solid bar & tube
•Ring Rollers for solid bar and tube •Shears for solid bar
•Brake Presses, Punches & Tube Notchers.

• Manufacture decorative and structural metal products! • Complete projects faster & easier!
• Attempt more complicated projects! • Supplement your incomeā€¦or become your own boss!
• Start a home based business without leaving the security of your full time employment!

As Seen on TV
Strongman Tools Selected by TV’s “ Die Nutsman” Riaan Venter.

Riaan Venter the well known presenter of the TV Show “DIY met Riaan” selected Strongman Tools for his own workshop. Here are pictures of some of the projects Riaan has made with his set of Strongman Tools.

Deon using the machine Klimraam Mirror
Mirror pieces Mirrors Play chair
Twister See saw Riaan using the machine

No Electricity! No Heat!

Works with solid bar, thin walled and thick walled tube.
Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Use all standard sizes of steel available anywhere in Southern Africa.

Mobile-Bolt your equipment to a trailer or bakkie and you have a fully mobile metal workshop- essential for on site custom installations.

All you need is Strongman Tools and your imagination to do professional metal work and open up amazing opportunities of saving and making money.

Strongman tools are used by metal hobbyists, decorative metal working businesses, engineering shops, shopfitters, and furniture manufacturers.
Amongst our better known users
University of Swaziland,
Mallard Marine.


All machines and components are manufactured in South Africa, and backed by full spares availability, a no-nonsense 5 year guarantee and friendly service.

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