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Multi Bend System

The pro’s secret to profitable metal work!

Multi Bend System The Bender Bender Products
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Above Left:  Precision Degree Ring, for Repeatable Accurate Bends, time after time.
Above Right: Material Leveler and Stopper- for accurate repetition manufacturing without measuring.

  • WRINKLE FREE BENDS - In flat bar, square bar,  round bar, square tube, round tube and even rectangular tube.
  • Even thin walled tube bends without wrinkling.

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Projects in which the Multi Bend System was used.

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Piping installation on Hydraulic Power Pack.

Equipment brackets and ramps on bike trailer.

Rock CrawlerRock Crawler Side
Rockcrawler made by Strongman Metal Tools

Pipe Car made with Strongman Metal Tools BenderPipe Car made with Strongman Metal Tools BenderPipe Car made with Strongman Metal Tools Bender
Hein Du toit from Klerksdorp building a Pipe Car from 38 mm round tubing using Strongman's Multi Bend System.
These items were made by Frikkie Willemse from Musina using a combination of Strongman Metal Tools.
Strongman Bender Product
Perfect Repeatable Bends. 25 mm Stainless steel tube.
Strongman Bender Repeatable Bends 25mm Stainless steel tubeStrongman Bender Repeatable Bends 25mm Stainless steel tube
"Having good results with the bender and roller. Attached are pics of a bakkie cage I recently completed."
Adrian from Zambia.
'n Ligte bagasie sleepwaentjie vir 'n Suzuki Jimny. Dit is baie lig en baie stewig.
Gebou met 38 x 1.6mm pyp en allum. 'vastrap' plaat. - Dawid Compion
Strongman Metal Tools Bender Toepassing

Ek het my bender gemonteer en moet sê ek is baie tevrede met die resultate. Die pyp is nie vervorm op buig nie en dit lyk beter en is ook beter in my
toepassing aangesien dit reëling​s​ is om werkers te beskerm.

Die besparing is groot in tyd en geld aangesien ek onmiddelik self die pyp kan buig en ek ook dun wand pyp kan buig​.​ ​N​ie soos met die hidroliese masjien wat slegs dik wand pyp kan buig nie. Groot besparing op koste van pyp en gewig van rak​k​e.

Nogmaals dankie, Koos

Attached are a couple of pics of a bull bar made with your ​bender.
Cheers ​Adrian - Zambia​, machine used: Strongman's Multi Bend System 50R
Another project by Adrian Bignell
Multi Bend System 50R in action. Multi Bend System 32 in action.

With a Multi Bend System you will complete projects faster.
Your customers will be impressed by the professional appearance of your products- no more sharp corners- just smooth radiused bends.
Elliminate a lot of the cutting, cutting, welding and grinding work associated with a project.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast bend set up. A minute or less per bend.
  • The stainless steel precision degree ring and stopper makes it easy to reproduce bends accurately.
  • No cutting and welding to make a bend, simply set the angle on the stopper and pull the lever.
  • Material leveler and stopper table to
  • Easy to learn and operate- even unskilled workers master the machine with minimal training.
  • Robust construction- no breakable parts.
  • No electricity required- ideal for onsite bending.






(round, square & Rect)


Multi Bend System 32 (MB32)




32 Rnd / Sq
32*19 Rect

1.6mm - 2mm

Multi Bend System
50R (MB50R)
50*10 16 16 50 Rnd / 38 Sq
50*25 Rect
12mm-38mm Round
Tubing:1.6mm –
3mm. The Rest:
1.6mm – 2mm
Std Scroller 45*5 8 8 NO NO
Med Scroller 30*8 12 12 12 Sq / Rnd 1.6mm
Large Scroller 30*10 16 16 16 Sq / Rnd 1.6mm
Twister 25*6 NO 16 16*2 Sq  
4 Ton Ring Roller 50*10 16 16 50 Rnd / 38 Sq /
50*25 Rect
1.6mm – 2mm
Heavy Duty Shear 40*10 16 12 NO NO
20 Ton Press Max 10mm

NB. The Right Angle Bending Attachment supplied with the Multi Bend System, can only be used
to bend flat bar up to 5 mm thick. Bending other materials will damage the blade.


What can you make with your Multi Bend System?

Farm Gates, Furniture, Industrial handrails, ladders and fittings, Trailers, Jungle Gyms, Burglar Proofing, Security Gates, Garden & Driveway gates. U bolts, Eye Bolts, Decorative work.



In the picture is a bunch of 292, (25 by 25mm) square tubes. Each with 2 bends.

This bundle of tubes was bent on the Strongman Multi Bend System by an unskilled labourer with 15 minutes of instruction on the setup and use of the bender.

To outsource bending of this batch of tubes would cost more than the investment required for your own Multi Bend System. (which can bend a whole lot more than 25mm square tube.)

On top of saving yourself money, you can start earning money by bending for others.
Strongman Tools pay for themselves over, and over, and overbecause they are built to last!


Farm Gate made by Martin of Potchefstroom, in 38 mm tube.

Retail price for the gate at the local Co-Op R800.
Martin made it himself for R200 a piece.
Saving him R3600 on the 6 gates he made!

Strongman Tools pay for themselves within your 1st few projects.


Here is what our customers have to say about their Strongman Multi Bend Systems.

I have been using the Multi Bend System and the 4 ton Ring Roller  for over 2 years now and can leave my staff to work them as hard as they can due to the industrial quality standard that they are engineered to.The use of just these tools have opened the door for me to create things that I would never have expected to have been able to make without the use of heat and mechanized powered machines in my workshop. C M Gordon Grant ,King's Glen Steel, Molteno.

I have really enjoyed using your bending equipment- must say I've made my money back already using it- Steven, Intricate Steel, Cape Town.

Ek het vir oefening n paar ou ysters gebuig, dit is so ongelooflik maklik.Die "user manual" is puik sowel as die dvd. Ek is absoluut weggeblaas met die gehalte van die gereedskap. Ek en my gereedskap gaan nog n paar groot projekte aanpak. Dale van Bloemfontein.

I have already used it to start building a jungle gym,and the results are fantastic.The bender does more than what we expected. Francois from Secunda.

Ek wil net se dankie vir die blok en die stel penne wat julle gestuur het, ek waardeer dit baie. Dit is lekker om besigheid te doen met mense soos julle, mens voel nooit bang dat jy iewers verneuk gaan word nie. Henk

Ons het nou alles onder die knie. Ons buig omtrent 8 tot 10 hake vir elke een met die gas. Dus vanaf 60 per dag na 480 tot 600 per dag. Baie dankie. Wat ‘n verskil!!! Die volgende sal ’n die wees vir die ander deel van die order. Ons buig lekker en Stefan bou ekstra spiere. Marietjie​ van Vryheid​

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Take the action now that means more money in your pocket.