Save: Build Your Own Farm Equipment with Machines that Bend & Roll Steel By Hand

Essential machines for farmers

Kraal Panels, Bakkie Rails, Ladders, U-Bolts, Eye-Bolt, Hooks, Clamps, Gates, Trolleys, Safety Railings

Strongman Metal Tools Tube and Pipe Bender

Wrinkle Free Bends! In Square, Round & Rectangle Tube.
(12 - 50mm 1.6 - 3mm wall)

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Enclosures, Hay Feeders & Tunnels.

Strongman Metal Tools Ring Roller

Roll Solid Bars & Tube (Rnd, Sq, Rct) Into Curves or Circles.
Max Capacity: 50mm Round Tube.

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Kraal panels, Gates, Bakkie Rails, Feeders

Strongman Metal Tools Tube Press

Notch to 76mm Pipe. (15° to 90°) Join Pipe Easily. Stop Burn Through.

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More Projects You Can Make With These Machines:

tunnel frame complete
frameRoofrack made by Strongman Metal ToolsStrongman Metal Tools Boer Spaar Case Study
Tollie made by Strongman Metal Tools