Strongman Broshure and Pricelist

20 Ton
Adjustable Press Brake

Tired of outsourcing bending work?
Imagine having a Press Brake in your workshop…
You would be able to work faster and do much more.
Get a robust and handy Press Brake in your own workshop for a price every workshop can afford.

You will be amazed what you can do with your own
Strongman Press Brake…

Bend angles from 1° to 100° in plate from 1 to 10mm thick!
Bend up to 600 mm wide in 3 mm plate or up to 200 wide in 10mm plate.
Can bend 2 right angles within 50 mm from each other.
Easily bend Busbars in thick Copper and Aluminium, without cracking.

600 Wide Model 300 Wide Model

Although heavy and robust the press is portable enough (just) to take it out to a job site, making it easy to bend custom brackets and busbars right on site, saving lots & lots of time and money  in rework.


  • Bolt-On Interchangeable Press Blades- custom blades can be fitted in minutes.
  • Bottom Channels can be adjusted
  • The secret lies in the fact that the distance between the press bottom channels can easily be adjusted-simply make the opening bigger for bending heavier sections.
  • Blade Travel Indicator- repeat bends with precision.
  • Can do a number of smaller parts at the same time- for example 4 of 25x5 flat bars in a single go.

Bend custom brackets and clamp, in thin and thick material.

The unique blade design allows you to make long leg right anlge bends as close as 50 mm to each other- this cannot be done with a conventional brake press.
Easily bend busbar sections in copper and aluminium (up to 25 mm thick!)
Note the smooth bends - no cracking!
Bend side Inside Outside
Make custom enclosures and all manner of sheet work.

Strongman Metal Tools Price List 2016


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