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Strongman Metal Tools Price List 2016

Many businesses have saved and made money by investing in Strongman tools.
Here’s how:
- By enabling them to insource work they had to send out before.
- Enabling them to expand the scope of projects they can undertake.
- By making the production process faster – saving on lead times waiting on outsourced bend and roll work. Getting projects out the door faster.
- By making production cheaper, and keeping more of the profit-by not having to send bending and rolling work to outside suppliers.

Referring to the table below, showing current cost for having tube rolled and bent at a bending service, and you can easily see how fast an investment in your own tools can pay for itself.

OPERATION COST per 1 for 1 to 100 units Outsourced Lead Times Time to Manufacture with Strongman Tools.
Bend 25mm Rnd Tube to 90° R25 each 7 to 10 days 2 Min (incl setup)
Bend 32mm Rnd Tube to 90° R35 each 7 to 10 days 2 Min (incl setup)
Bend 50mm Rnd Tube to 90° R74 each!! 7 to 10 days 4 Min (incl setup)
Roll 32mm Rnd Tube in a 1.8m dia circle. R224 each 7 to 10 days 10 Min (Manual)
Roll 50mm Round Tube in a 4m dia circle. R358 each 7 to 10 days 20 Min (Motorised)

(When applying the above information to the case study below where our client made 50 trolleys, requiring 600 bends in total. The saving for doing the bending in-house would have amounted to R15k)

Chosen by large and small business,  Strongman tools can be found in factories and on-site, making anything from intricate pipe fittings, to school desks.

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Have look at the amazing things some of our clients have made.

Stortemelk Hydro Electric Project (a 4.4 MW hydro electric power station on the Ash River near Clarens)

Turbine supplier Andritz Hydro, used a Strongman MB50R Tube Bender to do custom bend work onsite. Stainless steel tubing  (12, 16, 20, 25, 28, 30 & 38mm) was bent  for the intricate hydraulic system that controls the operation of the turbine.

The ability to have a heavy duty pipe bender that could do bending onsite was critical for the speedy completion of the project, as there were numerous custom bends to be made to route the pipe through the intricate structure.

Tube Bender mounted onsite, welded to a heavy beam as there was no workshop space. Very neat pipe work This picture shows why it was important to bend the pipes onsite. Note the close positioning of bends.

Strongman Tube Bender excels in Complex Repetitive Bending

The completed trolleys, each featuring 4 sequential bends per panel - a total of 12 bends per trolley. 600 bends for the project. Patrick’s Bender mounted in his workshop
Strongman Metal Tools Price List 2016

When Patrick the owner of an engineering firm specialising in custom manufacture work secured a contract for building 50 trolleys for pumping equipment, he was looking for a way to do the bending work as fast and easy as possible.

He investigated buying a cnc-tube bender, but wasn't convinced that the R180k price tag offered value for money.
Instead he opted for a Strongman MB50R manual tube bender at around R15k.

Patrick made a clever modification to the machine's built-in degree stopper,  by adding additional semi fixed, angle stops. 
This modification made it possible that a workman could make multiple bends of different angles in the same piece of tube without removing the tube or adjusting the angle setting.

The end result:
100 perfectly bent trolley frames, each panel matching the others perfectly, assembled into 50 trolleys.

Patrick believes that the Strongman tube bender was able to complete the work in the same time if not faster, than the cnc-bender would have, due to its ease of use and setup."

Bending Compressor After Cooler Coils and Seat frames for Rail Cars.

The photo above shows cooling coils,  for the compressed air powering the brake system, on railway cars.
Bent with the MB32 Tube Bender in 32mm tube. Note the smooth wrinkle free surface of the bends.
The client found the addition of the Strongman tube bending trolley a great help to manage the relative long lengths of tube required to complete the unit.

Using a reduced diameter 25mm round tube die, the client also successfully completed 17 units of seating frames for the rail cars.

Tube Bender helps small business grow

Blessing Mpofu is one of our many customers who uses his Tube Bender to manufacture School Desks.

Blessing with his bender in the factory. This photo shows the scope of bending work required to complete a contract for school desks.

Here is a direct quote from Blessing in an email to us:
Thanx Strongman metal tools my business is growing big.”

A 5 Story Spiral Balustrade on the Grandest Scale

Quite possible the grandest and biggest project on which one of our machines have been used to date:
The steel and brass balustrade of a 5 story spiral walkway at a church in Sandton, manufactured by The Wrought Iron Factory.

Wrought Iron Factory specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing extraordinary custom steelwork.  We are proud to say that they have been using a custom designed Strongman  Ring Roller for this and other projects.

The Grand Balustrade- Just look at the size of the people at the bottom.

Rolling the 50X8 Flat Bar for the Balustrade

Slightly curved balustrade on the same project

Here is what the owner of The Wrought Iron Factory had to say about their Strongman Roller even before this mammoth project came along.

“I’ve been meaning for some time to let you know how very pleased we are with the rolling machine we purchased from you. We’ve done several projects, and each one has turned out perfectly. The machine is able to handle everything we throw at it with ease. It’s made a huge difference to the time taken to do this kind of work, and the quality of the results. Attached are pics of a project that we manufactured using the Roller. Thank you for a superb machine, and for your outstanding support.“ John Miller- The Wrought Iron Factory

Staircase client made using Strongman Metal Tools
Strongman Metal Tools Price List 2016


Strongman Tools are also used in smaller businesses, empowering entrepreneurs to turn metal into money.

“When I received my consignment of Strongman Tools in January 2008, little did I know that my life would be changed for the better forever! I had been slogging away in a senior role within a major corporate company for 28 years, with my home workshop serving as an escape from the rat race (whenever I found time!). However, I soon discovered that there was huge potential to pursue my metalworking hobby whilst making money using Strongman tools, since they are simple to use, reliable and robust. To cut a long story short, I was able to quit my job and start my own profitable business in June 2008, and have never looked back since then! A big thank you to Deon Kriel for the unsurpassed level of customer service and support received!”
A Steynberg- Steynberg Wrought Iron

Some of Mr Steynberg’s products made with his set of Strongman Tools.

Sample 1Sample 2

I’m earning a nice income part time- the machines have already paid for themselves since I have bought them- an I only work with them in my spare time, weekends and evenings. F Hanekom Centurion.

Bird Cage made with the Multi Bender. 2m Chandelier-Made with the Ring Roller and Scroller Decorative clock made with the Scroller and Roller

We are using your machines flat out. We have made 91 woodbaskets for fireplaces in our chalets and have saved R57 k by being able to manufacture these ourselves.
We were quoted R 750 each but we now manufacture them for  R123 each including labour.- A Cook, Resort Manager.

Here are some of the items I have made, I have already sold 4 flowerpot holders.
Not bad for a beginner! I’m a women who lives in a small town. I couldn’t find all the decor items I wanted for my garden so I decided to invest in tools and make my own. It looks like my hobby will become my new job.

E Smit- less than a month after receiving her Strongman Starter Kit!

Sample 4Sample 3Sample 5

Repeatable bends with one bender for over 10 years!!!

Dion bought two Multi Bend System 32 benders in 2011. "I didn't need a second bender but I bought it anyway" Up to date, he has manufactured over 100 000 stackable chairs and school desk combinations using only one of the benders. Proving again that Strongman Tools don't cost, they pay.


If they can do it. So can you...


Strongman Metal Tools Price List 2016


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