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Hydraulic Bender

Tired of outsourcing bending work?
Imagine having this Hydraulic bender in your workshop…
Work Faster & Do More.

Effortlessly bend 25-76mm tube with up to 3mm wall thickness.
Made in SA. Comes with technical support & guaranteed spares availability.

Ideal for bending exhaust pipes, cattle rails & game viewers.

Strongman Powerflex Hydraulic Bender-Bend Samples



The Hydraulic Bender rapidly bends mild and stainless-steel tubing safely and cost effectively.

  • Die sets range from 25 mm - 76 mm.
  • Bends 25 mm - 45 mm x 1.6 - 3 mm wall
  • Bends 50 mm, 57 mm and 63 mm x 2 - 3 mm wall
  • Bends 76 mm x 3 mm wall


Degree Indicator for Precision bends Complex 3D bends possible


Also available are optional attachments for flaring and crimping

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